The Best Small Bathroom Design Ideas on a Budget

It is often said that less equals more, and such a case can certainly be argued for small bathrooms situated upstairs, downstairs, in the garden or anywhere throughout a contemporary property. We believe that by mixing elements of aesthetic appeal with functional features, you can achieve the perfect small bathroom for your home in 2016. As such, we’ve compiled some exemplary modern small restroom design ideas in this article that we hope will inspire the realization of your dream bathroom.

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Modern Small Bathroom Design Ideas on a Budget

You don’t need to spend huge to achieve a stylish, modern small bathroom in 2016. We’ve scoured some inventive ways in which to improve the appearance, performance and usability of a small bathroom on a budget, with the potential to maximize space an often underrated element to consider. Making the right design choices can make a small bathroom appear much bigger than it is, whilst providing additional storage space and enhancing usability also. Wooden open shelving is one option that can be used to achieve this, and also offers the chance for a multitude of complementary colours to be displayed in the form of towels. For those not aiming for such a colourful contemporary bathroom look, meanwhile, the towel and robe holders from Hudson Reed are well worth considering. The Towel Rail for Revive Radiator is particularly stylish, and inclusive of a beautiful chrome finish, making it the perfect accompaniment to some other sleek, space saving commodities within our range; you guessed it, our Revive Radiators. Each of the aforementioned design ideas provide practicality in addition to immense aesthetic appeal at an affordable cost, proving that the combination of these elements is a winning one.

Some Small Bathroom Design Ideas with a Shower

With small bathrooms very much in vogue currently, and the trend showing no signs of slowing down in 2016, it is entirely possible that even a tiny bathroom may be the main one in your home or property. That considered, a small bathroom with a shower has become a necessity for many, leading small bathroom design ideas with showers to prove heavily in demand. We’re sticking to exactly the same mantra in advising how to achieve the best results possible; team aesthetics with functionality.



With such an extensive selection of shower parts, panels and systems to choose from, it can be a daunting task to even know where to begin looking for the right one for you. Hudson Reed’s luxury shower system collection is a great place to start, featuring a wide variety of options with one, two or three outlets, none of which compromise in any way on style or usability, and each of which are available at highly competitive prices. Choose between compact shower systems with curved and straight arms, components possessing valves and different types of square, round and ceiling shower heads, and showers boasting an array of other unique features within our superb range. Many of the luxury shower systems we have to offer can be wall mounted with minimal disruption or effect on their surrounding space, which exemplifies their suitability as a perfect small bathroom design idea for 2016.

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If you would like advice on any other small bathroom design ideas, further information on key small bathroom design trends for 2016, or wish to enquire about any of our luxury bathrooms, showers, radiators, kitchen faucets or other products, simply get in touch with our friendly team. You can reach our sales hotline by calling 1 877 778 8460; all orders over $199 are entitled to free shipping.

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