Five of the Best Contemporary Bathroom Ideas

The bathroom is increasingly being viewed as somewhat of a focal point of a home, and as such, often a prime target for renovation or re-design. That considered, we at Hudson Reed have compiled a list of five of the best contemporary bathroom ideas to help you improve your living space, and add a modern feel to your property.

1. Massive Mirrors

The presence of massive mirrors can not only add aesthetic appeal to a bathroom, but also make the space within it appear far more expansive by means of an optical illusion. Large mirrors can certainly represent a stylish bathroom centrepiece, and with a huge variety of different styles to choose from, you’ll have little trouble finding a design perfectly suited to your bathroom.

2. Wooden Bath Tubs

Perhaps an ‘out-there’ suggestion, and one that will no doubt influence the choice of surrounding bathroom décor, but the presence of a wooden bath tub definitely adds warmth and style to any bathroom space. Epitomising contemporary elegance, wooden bath tubs come in many different designs and can incorporate an array of finishes, so your choice may be influence by your existing, or preferred, bathroom color scheme.


3. Free Standing Bath Tubs

And to combine two hot modern bathroom trends, a wooden free standing bath tub is a viable option. Free standing bath tubs of all colors and styles are very much in vogue, and these can again be used to maximize bathroom space, making the room appear bigger than it is. Furthermore, the versatile nature of freestanding tubs means that they can be positioned just about anywhere within a bathroom space, with many options including the facility for luxury shower system attachment.

4. Space-Saving Vanity Units

Saving space again emerges as a theme of our suggested contemporary bathroom reshuffle, with a vanity unit serving to not only add beauty to a bathroom, but prove a practical addition too. Vanity units can incorporate taps, basins or sinks and multiple drawers to name just a few features, providing storage space and functionality in one compact commodity.

Master Bathroom Mirror - After

5. Laminate & Wood Looking Tiles

Particularly if following our advice with regards to our four previous contemporary bathroom ideas, laminate or wood looking tiles are a perfect bathroom addition sure to complement the space’s overall décor. Laminate flooring is essentially unscratchable, requires little to no cleaning and maintenance, and is reasonably priced. Obviously, the shade or finish to your laminate, wood looking flooring can be matched up with that of other items (bath tub, vanity unit) to create the most pleasing overall appearance possible.


Contact Hudson Reed for more Contemporary Bathroom Inspiration

For more contemporary bathroom ideas and inspiration, simply get in touch with the Hudson Reed team, who will be happy to help in any way possible. Give us a call on 1 877 778 8460 to discuss your bathroom preferences and requirements.

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