How to Create a Luxury Ensuite Bathroom

The ultimate luxury in interior design, the ensuite bathroom is becoming an essential and even affordable fixture in the home. Ideal for giving privacy to the family as well as guests, ensuite bathrooms can also increase the value of your home. Whether you’re looking to renovate an existing ensuite or attempting to transform another space into an additional bathroom, we’ve put together some handy tips so you can achieve the luxury ensuite bathroom of your dreams.

Planning and Permission

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Before undertaking the overhaul of your ensuite bathroom, it’s crucial to be prepared for the task. Firstly, if you’re creating extra space within your home for this project, you will need to ensure that you have the appropriate planning permissions. Check with your relevant authority that any renovations you’re planning on carrying out will adhere to building regulations or if you will need a remodeling permit.

Red tape out of the way, you can begin designing the layout and décor for your ensuite. However obvious it may seem, it’s essential to consider who will be using the ensuite when planning out the design of the bathroom space. Is the ensuite for one or two people (or more)? Is it for family members or guests? Is the ensuite bathroom an extension of the adjacent bedroom or more of a separate entity? Bear these considerations in mind when preparing your designs as they will influence the color scheme, functionality and key fixtures of the bathroom.

 Color Schemes

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When choosing a color scheme for your new ensuite bathroom, it’s best to opt for a simple palette which will not date easily. Pale and neutral colors are ideal for creating a sense of space, which is perfect if your ensuite is on the smaller side. On the other hand, bright colors can also lighten up a bathroom and can help to create a luxury spa-like feel that is on trend this year. Don’t forget to think about whether you want your ensuite bathroom to coordinate with the adjoining room or to serve as a complete contrast in order to emphasize the sense of privacy and detachment. A key trend this year is to create the impression of the bathroom being a living space by ensuring that the décor is in harmony with the rest of your interior, and by adding comfortable and luxury features such as sofas, televisions and fireplaces. You could choose a color scheme that harmonizes with the style of your bedroom or adjoining room so as to accentuate the sense of relaxation and comfort. Whether you opt for pale tones or warm hues, keep the scheme consistent in your bathroom to create a complementary atmosphere.

Maximize Your Space

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It goes without saying that ensuite bathrooms can often be quite small spaces. Try to free up as much space as possible by choosing wall mounted fixtures, including showers, vanity units, storage cabinets, and back to wall toilets. The more floor space you have, the greater the illusion of a larger bathroom. You can emphasize this by having the bathroom door open out of the room, or even by removing it altogether and opting for an open plan design as an extension of the bedroom. For a streamlined look, use wall mounted vanity units to hide any unsightly pipework. If you’re designing your ensuite bathroom with a couple in mind, a ‘his and hers’ vanity unit with sink can save space and avoid disagreements! When it comes to organizing your toiletries and accessories, open wall mounted shelves can be simple but effective. Try to avoid unnecessary clutter though!

Depending on how much free space you have, you may need to decide whether you want to include a bathtub in your ensuite design. If you can’t live without your bubble bath, a shower/bathtub combo may be the ideal solution. If you’re more of a shower person, a shower enclosure can be a practical addition to the bathroom instead of a tub. You can alternatively opt for a fashionable luxury wet room style which will not only free up a great deal of space but will also create the impression of an expansive bathroom. Build the shower tray into the bathroom floor for a simple and modern look.

Let There Be Light

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Another great way to create a sense of luxury and space in your ensuite bathroom is to ensure that the room receives as much natural light as possible. This can tie in well with shower enclosures and wet room style bathrooms, since transparent shower screens, amongst other reflective bathroom materials, can make the room seem bigger and brighter. Large windows also add to this effect, and adding luxury curtains or blinds can enhance the designer feel of your ensuite.

There are of course other options when adding light to your ensuite bathroom. LED lighting in particular is a popular choice at the moment, as well as being environmentally-friendly. Mirrors with built-in LED lights are perfect for enhancing the brightness of the room, but halogen spot lights can be equally effective for giving the impression of natural light. Cost effective and efficient, these lighting options not only reinforce the feeling of space but they also add to the luxury value of the bathroom.

Finishing Touches

heated towel rail

With the hard work out of the way, it’s time to consider those important finishing touches to add to the luxurious appeal of your ensuite bathroom. Why not add a heated towel rail to keep your towels toasty and warm? Heated towel dryers can also provide heat for small bathrooms and ensuites, making them much more comfortable which again adds to the deluxe factor. Candles are an easy way to add a sense of luxury and relaxation to the room, but keep accessories at a minimum to ensure the room stays tidy.

Are you planning or renovating an ensuite bathroom? Let us know your thoughts on ways to create the ultimate luxury ensuite!

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