Victorian Bathroom Design Ideas from Hudson Reed

Whilst never out of fashion, Victorian bathroom design has enjoyed a rejuvenation of late, and is an extremely popular interior style choice amongst home renovators. Hudson Reed have put together a list of some of the best Victorian bathroom ideas to help you achieve the perfect Victorian bathroom.

Top Victorian Bathroom Ideas


1. Free Standing Bath Tubs

Usually representing the centrepiece of a Victorian bathroom, free standing bath tubs are a near essential fixture for a vintage bathroom space. And with a variety of different styles available, perhaps the ultimate Victorian bath tub is one featuring a roll-top design and claw-foot base. Porcelain, steel and cast iron are examples of materials typically associated with claw-foot tubs, and each provide the quality and traditional style that typify a beautiful Victorian bathroom.

freestand clawfoot

2. Traditional Toilets

It may be somewhat difficult to identify a toilet suited to the Victorian ambience of a bathroom in this day and age, but a great array of traditional toilets do remain on the market.Authentic options, including features such as chains and high level cisterns, can still be sourced, but there are also several examples of modern components that can appear well placed in a Victorian bathroom. Explore the possibility of a back-to-wall toilet; one with a black seat can perfectly complement its traditional surroundings.

3. Back to Basins

Similarly, the lines are blurred with regards to choosing a basin for a Victorian bathroom, given that vintage materials and designs are popular within contemporary bathrooms as well as authentic ones. Pedestal basins – wall-attached and inclusive of a metal or porcelain base – maximize space and improve the aesthetic appeal of a Victorian bathroom. Round and square pedestal sinks are both available, so you can choose the perfect style best suited to your bathroom.


4. Vintage Accessories

Vintage accessories can add the perfect finishing touches to a Victorian bathroom. Hudson Reed offer a brilliant selection of modern and traditional bathroom accessories, inclusive of chrome toilet roll holders, ceramic soap dishes, luxury towel rails and much more. Exuding authentic appeal, these accessories are another space-saving option that have the facility to be wall mounted, and can provide the ideal complement to the basin area of a Victorian bathroom.

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